Nail art

Missy Mups Parties will professionally entertain the whole party. Every princess will be adorned with beautifully decorated nails, a royal tiara and glitter hairspray.For each young lady, the Missy Mups Party experience consists of colour nail polish and nail art designs, with a glossy top-coat to seal the finishing touches. While each individual guest has their nails crafted by our party host, all the other guests will be busy having fun creating stunning designer nails on their very own nail wheels!

Face Painting 

Let Missy Mups Parties bring out the princess or tiger in every guest.  Every guest will be given their own face masks to practice their own designs on while they wait their turn for professional face painting, if you have a certain theme to your party, let us know and we will custom design some faces to suit your party to perfection! 
Missy Mups Party hosts are trained and skilled in the art of face painting and use only the best quality non toxic face paints.

Glitter Tattoos
take your next party to the next level with glittery tattoos suited for any age and gender, these tattoos use gosmetic glue safe for skin and cosmetic glitter, lasting 3-7 days! this is a perfect alternative if face painting is not suitable for the party such as a pool party or sleep over, or an exciting way to spice up a face painting or nail art party to add an extra glam look!  whilst your guests await their turn they will be occupied with their very own take home mask to paint at the party!